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Our team of crisis management consultants understand the challenges of sustaining and growing a business in troubled times. They have decades of experience working with entrepreneurs spanning the globe, and they can help you gain newfound clarity and confidence while you navigate the New Normal.

Crisis situations can bring newfound opportunities within your organization, including the ability to refocus your organization on what matters most, cashflow management, risk reduction, and leveraging your biggest asset, your people!

Our Field Of Expertise

If you’re a business facing unforeseen stress or just in need of a new sense of direction, the experienced team at My-CEO can help you navigate the New Normal.

Our experts have vast experience in many areas including:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Operations
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Cashflow and Treasury Management
  • Asset Management
  • Human Capital Management
  • Business and Financial Planning

Our solution

Our strategic business planning solutions include various cost-effective programs you can implement companywide to strategically align your vision with the tactical implementation on a day-to-day basis. We have developed a proprietary process for implementing positive change optimized to work quickly when the future is unpredictable.

This agile approach is unique, proven effective in numerous crisis situations, and is derived from rigorous academic research by ivy league institutions like Harvard Business School and has been used by Fortune 100 firms with the help of esteemed consulting firms like McKinsey and Co., Boston Consulting Group and many others.

We have adapted this process specifically for small and medium sized enterprises.

Our Process

Our process is unique and different, but its foundation is rooted in proven strategies which have been used by some of the world’s most successful and profitable organizations to thrive in times of crisis. It is designed to allow for engagement on all levels and integrating the three areas most impacted in crisis, Cashflow, People and Risk. Therefore, we call our process, the CPR Model!

Our Crisis Management Program Covers 3 Areas:


Cash flow

The lifeblood of every business.



Your biggest asset and key to growth.



Organizational decisions to maximize profit

Our Approach

An agile approach to organizational management is critical in times of uncertainty. This approach needs to improve an organization’s resiliency and its ability to pivot in times of crisis. Whenever people mention that these are “Unprecedented Times” and it’s a “New Normal”, you must understand that this is the definition of what an actual crisis is. What it does NOT mean is that there is nothing you can do and it’s out of your control.

Crisis situations might be infrequent, fortunately, but they do happen regularly. Even though each one is unique, there are tried and true methods that can be used to navigate these difficult times, but Time is of the Essence!

Our Clients

Our clients are founders and CEO’s of small and medium-size, privately-held organizations who recognize that change in uncertain time is necessary and inevitable. They realize that Business Transformations are not easy, and they don’t have access to resources and thought leadership like Fortune 100 Firms. We provide them this capability and become their resource to implement changes which not only help them navigate the uncertain times but ultimately Thrive! In essence, we become their fractional C-Suite solution that provides the necessary thought leadership, the tools and resources necessary to engage with their clients and team members in a digital world so they can navigate the new normal.

Our clients recognize that embracing technology is imperative to their future success, and the need for a Digital Transformation is no longer optional in a world that requires all organizations to be enabled with the capacity for remote work.

Our Mantra

We focus on Results, FAST!

Small businesses hire us for crisis management because of our Intellectual Capital! It is our Wisdom and Knowledge that inspires our clients’ Clarity and Confidence! We are Strategists, not Tacticians. We help our clients gain access to vital resources (People, Tools, and Systems) as well as work with their existing resources to implement their strategic objectives.

Our strategic leadership team and counsel have decades of expertise in implementing solutions from Top Tier consulting firms like Deloitte, McKinsey & Co., Boston Consulting Group as well as esteemed educational institutions like Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, and MIT.

Why Digital Transformation Now?

Every company will have to go through a Digital Transformation in this new Normal. Digital Transformation embraces a digital marketing and operational model while reducing the complexity that technology can often bring.

As consultants that focus on Digital Transformation and not a specific technology platform, we are able to bring a unique perspective to clients to help them evaluate and implement technology solutions to make their digital transformation a reality. Technology amplifies everything, both good and bad so having a genuine process that embraces a customer-centric approach is imperative to success.