About Us

My-CEO clients’ personal lives cannot be separated from their businesses, financially or otherwise. If the businesses fail, so do the clients! Our assessment of each client’s personal risk exposure is imperative to understanding what a prudent plan of action is and how they can gain clarity and confidence about their financial future. 

We define crisis as a chaotic time which is centered around a national or global event which triggers far reaching and long lasting changes to our way of life. It is a time where the future is uncertain and old paradigms are no longer relevant. It is a time of change which requires us all to reinvent and transform our personal and professional lives so we can THRIVE in the new normal. It is a time filled not only with lots of danger but more importantly opportunities which could never have been imagined previously. This is a time which requires all organizations to transform themselves to take advantage of the opportunities which inevitably unfold. These events may be infrequent but they do occur periodically and those who can embrace the necessary change will most definitely THRIVE and not just survive.

As Crisis Management Consultants, we provide our clients Clarity and Confidence about their future. In times of crisis, everything is unpredictable and chaotic, so this is no easy task! Our clients are the founders and CEO’s of privately held organizations who don’t have access to resources and thought leadership like Fortune 100 Firms. We become that resource and in essence the fractional C-Suite solution that helps them navigate their challenges. Although our clients initially engage us to help them solve their most challenging issues so they can thrive, ultimately they continue to engage us because we understand their business and provide unparalleled thought leadership, strategic advice, best practices and top tier solutions that they just can’t find elsewhere.


It is our view that the accelerated pace of change and complexity of technology solutions will be a significant hurdle for organizations to thrive in this new normal. Our goal is to provide our clients with simplified solutions through automation and integration which reduces the risks and costs involved in implementing a digital transformation strategy. 

Underlying our approach is the understanding that we live in a world engulfed in technology. This is no longer a technology revolution; we are living in a world that has incorporated technology into every part of our life. It is impossible to operate at any level without the use of technology. Information is also ubiquitous, and technology has made the delivery of information instantaneous. Knowledge is no longer a differentiator as people are just used to using technology to look up information on anything and confuse the results with actual knowledge. If you have a question, what do you do, Google it?


This dynamic brings significant as technology amplifies everything, both good and bad. If the information is in adequate or the knowledge on how to implement something is lacking, the technology can make things worse. The speed of change in the world increases in times of crisis and a lack perspective can only increase disruption in an organization already struggling to deal with uncertainty. We can help you make sense of this by providing you the resources and insights to avoid unnecessary disruption in your business and use technology as leverage to improve all aspects of your business while removing complexity and reducing costs.